I Went to My First College Football Game: And it was Awesome


Samantha Winn, Co-Writing Editor

The giant jumbotron sits at the edge of the field. Scores from other games are flashing on the stadium wide screens that wrap across the stadium. The lights start to shine brightly from the top of the stadium as the fall sun starts to set.

Sound familiar?


That’s just almost every Saturday in the fall.


It’s college football.


I applied to several colleges this year as a senior, but I have never really gotten to experience a real, televised, Division 1, college football game. I have lived in the South my entire life (a.k.a. the Heart and soul of college ball), and I’ve been to plenty of football games, some college games, (the Citadel for example), but they all seemed like over glorified high school games.


My family and I went to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks football game against Western Carolina in Columbia for the first time.


We started the day at 11:30, tailgating in the Gamecock Park across the stadium with some family friends. The food was fresh, the fun was there, and it was an extraordinary time in the autumn afternoon.


Shortly after, we went towards the stadium to watch the football players walk out and snag some free items. Everyone was decked out in their gameday best; seeing so many in garnet and black made me excited for the atmosphere of the game.


So back to tailgating. It started to get closer to game time, and it was kind of sad to see lots of tailgaters packing up their stuff. I changed into some warmer clothes because the wind was starting to pick up and the sun would set sooner than I would think.


We walked over to the stadium about 15 minutes before the game started. We got out our tickets, went through light security with my clear bag in hand and again, was among thousands who were ready to hear “Sandstorm” and whip their rags in the air to the beat.


I started to walk into the section where my seats were and I just had to stop for a second.


It was overwhelming, the size of the stadium. I knew how big the stadium was going to be, but seeing it for the first time in person and not on TV was definitely different. I could see the other side of the field.


Jam packed. Compared to other games I’ve been too, it was already surpassing the other college games.


“Sandstorm” played.


Cocky, the mascot would go wild even if it was for a first down.


I adored the atmosphere of the game and that’s something I’ve never really gotten the opportunity to experience before.

The game went on and the Gamecocks won. Before that night, I could have cared less about college football, but now I can say ‘Spurs Up’ because even though it’s just a college football game, it was a fantastic experience that I would never take back.