JV Football Is Killin’ The Game


Hannah Bain, Staff Writer

The J.V. football team is focused. They’re driven, devoted, and off to a very impressive season. One we don’t hear much about. That doesn’t stop them, though.


In fact, it doesn’t even phase them.


4-1. The junior varsity football team has lost only one game. Head coach Kevin Shiver knows too, he knows the caliber of his team: many able to jump up into varsity when needed, bought in, stronger, more physical than his last year’s team.


“..What we always preach is to be ready when it’s your time to put the diamond on your helmet and play on Friday night.. Ultimately that’s their goal.” Shiver said.


Their eyes are on the prize and that prize is walking out into the stadium with a diamond on their helmet. There isn’t much focus on current successes. The team is in ‘do’ mode and in prep for Friday night lights.


Intensive training started in the early months of this year, too.


“We were all with each other all summer,” said sophomore quarterback Andrew Thomas. “We practice throughout the spring and the summer, so we were with each other all the time.”


Much of training and part of practice is spent alongside varsity and players may also be chosen each week to help out the larger team. Exposure like this certainly gets players thinking about what’s ahead.


Sophomore offensive lineman Riley Hills was chosen the first game of varsity’s season to help out.


“It’s an awesome experience,” Hills said. “Just all the fans, they’re incredible and you know, it’s all about Friday night.”


It’s all about Friday night, but the J.V. team is just as devoted to Thursday night and the days of the week they’re busy practicing. Their 4-1 record certainly didn’t come easy.


During the 2015-2016 school year, the J.V. team was made up of mostly freshmen and saw very few wins. Coach Shiver doesn’t feel it’s really been anything he’s changed that’s made a difference.


“I think part of it’s skill, we have some really good skill players, but part of it is just the dedication,” Shiver said. “We’re a lot more physical team.”


Players seem to agree.


Both Thomas and Hills emphasized skill, dedication, and ability to work well together as main factors in the team’s success.


The athletes on Shiver’s team are learning the valuable lessons to hone their skills in and come out on the other end not only more suited for upper level football, but more suited to work well with others and continue to grow.


At the end of the day, the members of the team are just doing what they love.


“..We enjoy what we do,” Hills said. “We love football and it’s the sport. It’s the greatest sport in the world..We just keep working everyday, just getting better.”


Great things can be seen from the JV team, and many can be seen in years to come in the Friday Night Lights.