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The student news site of Wando High School

Tribal Tribune

The student news site of Wando High School

Tribal Tribune

The student news site of Wando High School

Tribal Tribune

Letters to the editors


From the new…

MC, you have always been an outstanding leader, your professionalism is admirable, especially when put into the context that you are working alongside all of your friends. You are able to balance your usage of necessary strictness to make sure people hit their deadlines and stay focused, while simultaneously creating tight friendships with those that you work with through empathy and kindness. Balancing these elements, especially considering the stress you are under on a daily basis, is admirable and I hope to emulate it in the future. You always have been and will be a creative mind, it’s why you are so talented at page design and it is why you will be outstanding in the architectural field too. Have fun at Clemson; we will miss you!

Morgan, you have always been able to show me, and I’m sure all the other writers, too, what we could be at our best. You are such a talented and vigorous story writer, your determination to write a good story, along with the value you place on journalistic integrity sets a standard for everyone in the room to follow. Your writing skill complements your empathetic leadership style, caring about your teammates and their unique circumstances while also keeping them responsible for their roles. You have saved my stories many times through your advice, especially earlier in the year, you have been key to making me the writer I am today. Without you I may not have been in this position today, so thank you. Your aggressive pursuit of journalism, along with your leadership will be what brings you success for years to come.

Love, Noah

MC, it all started when I was in 6th grade and you were in your acting era starring in High School Musical. You never fail to lighten the mood of every situation. Whether it’s in the newsroom or on the soccer field while your staff is throwing eggs at each other while wearing ridiculous trash bags, your whimsical and fun personality shines over everything. Thank you for teaching me how to design and not getting upset when I asked way too many questions or accidentally deleted my entire page. Morgan, you are the older and less annoying version of me. If I can offer any advice for you in college it’s that no matter what happens, remember that you survived the wrath of Caston and never failed on your own deadlines. Whether it’s complaining about things that aren’t submitted or staying late to help me with design, thanks for always being
willing to be there. I can’t wait to see what you write about at U of SC. Future journalism icon—keep making us proud. I will keep Caston in check for you. You are going to be hard to live up to.

Love, Hayden

MC and Morgan, you will forever leave a gap in the Tribal Tribune. We both aspire to live up to your leadership. Never have we met such a genuine and dynamic duo. You are always welcome back in the news room, but please bring Hayden bubbles when you visit! Your talent, both in the form of leadership and your respective skills, is something that we will struggle to replicate, but it just goes to show how admirable you both are!

Love, Noah and Hayden

From the old…

Dear Noah and Hayden, what a year this has been. From the moment you two stepped into this room I knew this year would be special. Even last May, before you both were even technically on staff, y’all were in here, offering a helping hand to MC and I. I knew right then and there you two were meant to be on this staff. Meant to be leaders. You both have shown hard work, dedication, maturity, and so much throughout the year.

Noah, your work to redesign our website is incredible. The hours you put in outside of the classroom does not go unnoticed, and having you as our go-to news writer was always amazing. I always loved hearing what news stories you would come up with and then your determination to write them. Your maturity and dedication to becoming a chief for your junior year is something to be proud of; I’m proud of you.

Hayden, your excitement on joining the staff is a moment MC and I still talk about to this day. You were someone that I could always count on. I could lean on you to help me with a last minute problem. I could rely on you to get it done, and done fast. Your willingness to help anyone out with absolutely anything is one of your best traits and I know you will be a confident chief.

Throughout this year, you both showed incredible dedication, leadership, determination, and so much more. I only wish we could have worked together longer than a year, but I have no doubt that you two will lead something special next year. Remember, you two were picked for a reason. Don’t ever forget that. This job will push you in ways you’d never imagine. But it’s worth it. Everything about this job is worth it. I truly can’t wait to see what you two do next year as chiefs.

Love, Morgan

Dear Noah and Hayden, I cannot believe that it has only been a year since you two joined our staff. You have both made such an impact already and I am so excited to see what you do next year.

Hayden, when Morgan and I told you that you had been accepted into our program, you couldn’t believe it. Your excitement was contagious and reminded me about why I had decided to take a leadership position. Ever since that day you have been working tirelessly to help get things done whenever you can. From last minute stories to emergency interviews, I have always known that I would be able to count on you to put out whatever fires you might encounter next year. I believe that your enthusiasm will continue to inspire the people around you. I can’t wait to see you grow as a leader.

Noah, when we were getting ready for your interview, Caston said, “this kid is the future”. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that at the time, but every day since you have been proving him right. Even after only talking to you for five minutes, it was easy to tell that you are the kind of person who sees problems in the world and then sets out to solve them. That kind of person always makes an amazing journalist. Before you were even on staff, you had a vision for the future of this publication. Just about anybody can have good ideas, but you have spent every day of this year working hard to make your ideas a reality. You two are exactly the people that this publication has been needing. Being an editor in chief is the most rewarding experience a high schooler can have, so soak it all up because it’ll be over before you know it. It’s no joke when Caston says this job will test you. On the hard days, remember that through every challenge you are growing as people, and if that doesn’t work, lean on each other.

Love, MC

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