“Mac & Cheese 4” Loses its Flavor

Mac & Cheese 4 Loses its Flavor

Rapper French Montana won’t be shopping at Target any time soon. After the superstore mistakenly stocked his newest album, “Mac and Cheese 4 (MC4),” on shelves two months before its slated release, Montana decided to cancel the album. However, “MC4” appeared on iTunes Oct. 14, so all of you good samaritans who buy their music legally can do so.

Oh, but don’t, because it’s nothing special.

When you take your first glance at the album cover, you see a blinged-out Montana with chains to spare and a monkey on his shoulder, who also happens to have a gold chain. This just about tells you everything this goofy album has to offer. Despite a star-studded lineup, featuring artists like Kanye West, Miguel, Drake, Young Jeezy, A$AP Rocky, Kodak Black, and more, this project just doesn’t shine as well as his chains.

I get that today’s hip-hop loves money, drugs, and women, but sometimes I feel as though I’m losing brain cells. “Sippin on drank, sippin on drank / All about the mula, all about the mula” is just one example of the lackluster lyrical litany Montana provides on his Drake collab, “No Shopping. Montana may not go down in the books as a lyricist, but songs like this and “Lockjaw (ft. Kodak Black)” ultimately get the blood flowin’.

Montana probably knows that’s his style. He’s not trying to be the next Shakespeare. He’ll tell you about struggling in the Bronx on welfare in “Figure It Out.” He’ll dedicate “Chinx & Max” to two friends whose lives have been destroyed by violence.

Nothing changes on “MC4” as Montana sticks to boasting his “larger than life” status. While the lyrics get old after about 4 tracks, he at least stays consistent. He has the flow, but the flavor to his mac & cheese just isn’t there.