“Miss Peregrine’s” Is More Peculiar than Entertaining


Paige Mistler, Staff Writer

“Ms. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children is Tim Burton’s best,” The monotone voiced man drones through my speakers from a Pandora ad every morning. I already knew Burton’s reputation as a terrific animator and director. I walked into the movie theatre with high hopes.

I hadn’t read the book, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect besides what I had heard from my mom and sister’s words of praise. All I knew was that there were some children in a home because they each had some sort of weird ability that made them rejects in society.

To say that I was blown away by the graphics is an understatement. The jump-scares literally made me jump out of my seat. My heart was racing and I fought to catch my breath. Burton’s skill in cinematography are phenomenal.

The plot, on the other hand, could’ve used some more work. Inconsistency was strung through the movie. For example, the peculiar children would suddenly be in a new location without any explanation as to where they were or how they got there.

The peculiarities were also hard to understand. The grandfather (Abraham Ezra Portman) of the main protagonist, Jake (Asa Butterfield), was a peculiar too. At the beginning of the movie, the grandfather tells Jake a story about the different peculiarities the children had. When I was first introduced to the children, I wasn’t able to differentiate which child was which and I had trouble remembering the peculiarities.

The book and the movie had two separate endings. The movie’s ending was extended past the conclusion of the book. The book ended when all of the children left their safe haven of a home to fight the villains, which was also somewhat of a cliche.

To me, the ending of the movie was a little too “The world is great, sunshine and rainbows, happily ever after!” Of course, there was some form of infatuation. The new boy liked the girl who vowed not to love anyone other than the man she once fell in love with. The movie ended with the somewhat cliche “Boy and girl finally kiss while onlookers applaud”.

Overall, the movie was okay. I was more impressed with the animation aspect rather than the plot. After all the rave I had heard over the book, I was somewhat disappointed. Maybe the book was worth the money, but the movie ticket sure wasn’t.