“Moana” Stands Out for Moviegoers

Eliza Kurtz, Staff Writer

A soon as the Disney castle appeared on the screen and music started playing, I knew Moana was going to be special.

I am always a sucker for Disney movies, but this was different. I felt this immediately.

The main plot of “Moana”, where a young girl is venturing into a new world and going on a quest is not new, but the relationship she has with her people and family is.

The difference is the path her adventure takes is new and exciting.

Moana, the main character and a young girl from the Polynesian islands, tries to find happiness where she lives at the start. The internal battle between passion and duty she faces is admirable and honestly relatable to any teen or young child trying to find their way in the world.

The undeniable passion and connection Moana has for the Ocean leads her to her great adventure can be a metaphor for any challenge the watcher is facing.

Once on her adventure, there is never a dull moment, Moana and Maui, a demigod from Polynesian tales. They are constantly learning, fighting, and traveling.

The individual quests Moana face while attempting her quest are matched with unique, fun songs. Lin-Manuel Miranda, credited with writing the music and lyrics for most of the songs in the movie, truly out did himself. There is just the perfect amount of songs to push the plot forward when it needed to be pushed or provide insight to characters during angst-filled scenes.

In addition, the graphics were absolutely breathtaking. With “Moana” taking place in the Pacific Islands, it was never really a question as to whether the movie would have beautiful scenery.

Overall, I was so impressed with the characters, music, and visuals. I am so in love with this movie, it has definitely been a standout from others I have seen this year.