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Murdock achieves new career point total

Kailey Foushee

Stepping up to the free throw line, senior Kai Murdock was one point away from a monumental moment. Making his second free throw, Murdock had reached his 1000th career point. 

Going into the Jan. 2 home game against the West Ashley Wildcats, Murdock experienced nerves as he needed four more points to meet this milestone. 

“I was actually pretty nervous because we had a tournament during Christmas break and I was supposed to hit it then but…[I needed] four more points with the game on Tuesday but I was pretty nervous [because] it’s a pretty big thing,” Murdock said. 

During the game, Murdock said that the points were in the back of his mind, affecting his playing. However after making the free throw, he was able to return to his normal playing. 

“[I told myself] ‘Please don’t miss, just go in the basket’. I didn’t wanna miss it and still be stuck for the rest of the game not being able to hit it and being scared,” Murdock said. “I heard everybody yell after I had made the free throw. It felt like a pressure was released off my shoulders and I could play how I wanted to play.”

Murdocks coach, Calvin Craft was excited and relieved once Murdock made the free throw. 

“To be honest it was more relief than anything else because I could tell it was in his head. He could of broke it in…our last game over…break and I could tell and even when he was shooting his free throws…it was weighing on him…I’m very happy for him to get it but I was more relieved that he was past so now he can get back to just playing ball and doing his thing and not thinking about that so much,” Craft said. 

While coaching Murdock for a second year, Craft has noticed how strong his work ethic is. 

“He’s always been one of our best workers since he got here. He really takes his game seriously. He’s one of our accountability captains and…he’s personally accountable for what he does so I don’t have to worry too much about [him] showing up. If we have weight room he’s there, if we have early morning practices a lot of time he’s even if it’s optional he comes in so he’s a hard worker and part of why he’s been so successful,”  Craft said. 

Even with this huge accomplishment met, Murdock finds that consistency and dedication helped him with his success over the last few seasons. 

“Just be consistent and try to show up to everything that you can show up to. You don’t miss out on anything if you’re doing extra,” Murdock said.

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