Musical talent preps to perform


Livi Ralston

Junior Viona Su is a soloist in the Wando Christmas concert. She sings a Christmas hymn with great joy as her fellow choir mates occasionally chime in.

A busy month is ahead of Wando fine arts students as they wrap up the year with weeks filled with cheerful concerts. 


Orchestra practices for their Winter Concert at Wando’s Performing Arts Center on December 14th as well as All State Orchestra and All State Auditions later in January at Irmo High School. 


Since marching band season is over, Wando’s band prepares for their concert season to perform at the 27th Annual Christmas Light Parade as well as their Kaleidoscope Concert in Wando’s Performing Arts Center for all to come. 


Sophomore Annabelle Twomey, who plays the flute, is relieved to have the competition season over. 


“The competition season is over so it becomes less stressful and it allows us a chance to just kind of express ourselves almost like a relief from the tension of marching band,” Twomey said. 


The upcoming parade reunites all members of the marching band in a whimsical performance starting at 5:30pm on Live Oak Dr. and ending at Patriots Point Rd. 


“I think my favorite part of the Holiday stuff is it allows us to play really fun yet,  challenging

music… it can be more fun to work on. We’re all celebrating the holidays. There’s a lot more

lightheartedness to it,” Twomey said.


In the meantime, Twomey has been occupied with weekly rehearsals and lessons. 


“We’ll go through how to walk, how to stay together and how to play along with the music. It’s a great way to engage with some of our eighth graders or rising freshmen to kind of show them how marching works and get them integrated with the people that they’re gonna be with next year,” Twomey said.


As for Wando Choir, they are getting ready for the annual Sullivan’s Island Christmas Tree Lighting performance, Winter Concert, and the Bella Voce and Show Choir Credit One Performance. 


The Winter Concert is on December 13 at the Christ Episcopal Church from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. Bella Voce and Show Choir join together one last time before winter break to celebrate holiday festivities with one another. 


Maddie Marino, a member of Wando’s Choir and Show Choir, is having a joyful experience while practicing despite all the stress that can come from her busy schedule. 


“Rehearsing has been going really good, we have Tuesday night rehearsals, it’s all really fun,” Marino said. 


The students dressed in festive sweaters and caroled to some classic Christmas songs to celebrate the holiday season. 


“My favorite part was probably singing Noel because it is just such a good song. There are drums and a lot of percussion which is really fun. Dressing up with everyone was really fun and it is probably my favorite song,” Marino said. 


Out of all of the concerts she is performing in, Marino was most excited for the performance at the Sullivan’s Island Tree Lighting. 


 “It was super fun, I really look forward to it every single year just to sing with everyone and be with everyone together,” Marino said.