“MY WOMAN” Comes Up Short


Lauren Insinger, Staff Writer

A beautiful mixture of Lana Del Rey-like vocals, Arctic Monkeys-esque guitar riffs, and a blend of acoustic and electric guitar stylings make up Angel Olsen’s new album “MY WOMAN.

This music exhibits a more electronic side of Olsen, with more explosive choruses overall. In both “Shut Up Kiss Me” and “Give It Up,” there are low guitar riffs that drive a complete stylistic 180 in the choruses. This is so unlike Olsen, and leaves fans wanting more.

On the other hand, there are songs that show Olsen’s roots. “Heart Shaped Face,” “Sister,” and “Those Were The Days” all display Olsen’s haunting vocals and ultimately show her lack of creativity.

Although Olsen’s vocals are gorgeous, her instrumentals disappoint and get very repetitive. She knows how to use her voice, but not her words. Most the songs have the same messages, instrumentals, and keep her up in a very high vocal range that becomes dull after the first few tracks. To add insult to injury, all the upbeat singles come first and are followed by multiple, hackneyed tunes. With a few exceptional choruses, there’s no climax and the album as a whole feels slow.

Even for someone who likes indie rock, Angel Olsen’s new album really shot low .All “MY WOMAN” has to offer is droning songs and disappointment.