Netflix series ‘The Crown’ is worth watching

I will admit, hearing that the current actors of Netflix series, The Crown will not be acting in season three sparked outrage within me. “How could Netflix do this?” I thought. However, season two offers closure to the series I have come to be obsessed with.
The Crown is a television drama series focused on the life of Queen Elizabeth II during the 50s and 60s. Featuring complex internal conflicts among real life people, the series is a melting pot of unorthodox family drama.

The opening scene of season two begins with a candid talk between Queen Elizabeth [played by Claire Foy] and the Duke of Edinburgh [ played by Matt Smith], discussing the necessary changes to improve their marriage. The tension was a slap to my face. It is painfully obvious the honeymoon stage has long ended. The newlywed bliss has vanished and the frightening normality of most famous couple in the world is evident.

The wild spirit of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is amplified as he embarks on a five month tour of the remote islands of the British Commonwealth. During this excursion, the Queen is left with the speculation of her husband committing adultery, which in the 1950s, could cause great controversy in the British monarchy.

The overall writing of season two was incredibly well done. The focus of the complex relationships with not only the Queen, but with the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Margaret
[played by Vanessa Kirby], emphasizes the effects of royal life on those other than the Queen. The royal responsibilities of the Queen has led to a strained relationship with her sister Margaret. Forbidding the relationship with the man her sister loves, the Queen draws a fine line between work and family. Season 2 comes as less of a fairytale and more of a nightmare.

The shift of focus onto the private life of Princess Margaret is what I found to be most interesting. Her relationship with Sir Antony Armstrong-Jones emphasized her promiscuous and rebellious nature. Margaret’s boisterous personality comes as a breath of fresh air in the stern, old fashioned British Monarchy.

Season 3 is set to take place in the 1970s, where the Queen is well into her 40s. Current actress depicting Queen Elizabeth II, Claire Foy, is only 33. The directors are set to have re-cast everybody to give a more accurate representation of the Royals. The Queen will now be played by Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies as the Duke of Edinburgh.

Recently winning four Emmy awards out of 11 nominations, The Crown is categorized as a thoughtful rendition of the most famous family in the world. Although not entirely accurate at times, The Crown is an incredibly entertaining drama series with allusions to major events in history. Undoubtedly, this two season masterpiece will be difficult to top.