“Passengers” is Mind Blowing


Liz Hipes, Columns Editor

Seeing Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as stars in the same movie, I was obviously compelled to go and investigate for myself.

“Passengers” is a film about handy man Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and journalist Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) who wake up from their supposed 120 year hibernation aboard the starship Avalon on its way to a colony planet called Homestead II.

But they end up awaking 90 years too soon.

In a scramble to go back to hibernation, Jim and Aurora form a relationship that is a little more than just friends. While spending two years alone together, the idea of living and dying together didn’t seem so bad. They had a robot bartender to call a friend, they could eat what they wanted, when they wanted. They had the whole ship to themselves.

But it was all short lived. Strange and weird things are starting to be noticed around starship Avalon. And more than one problem was arising.

But why? The ship was built to be self sustaining and problem free. Jim and Aurora make it their business to answer the million dollar question.

“Passengers” is the kind of movie that makes you question. Throughout the two and a half hours I kept asking myself ‘What would I do if that was me?’

Alliances are tested, relationships are broken, secrets aren’t kept and the popcorn was finished within the first 45 minutes.

“Passengers” is sexy, thrilling, mind-blowing and hands down a great way to end the cinematic year.

I will say there were some parts of the movie that were slow, but what movie doesn’t? This kind of effect gave me an incredible feeling of anticipation; waiting to see what kind of problem or solution was going to arise next. And trust me, there were plenty.

I won’t ruin the ending for you but I will tell you this, “Passengers” is a heartwarming, gut wrenching, overwhelming spectacular.