Project Lead The Way Team Travels to Columbia

The Project Lead The Way Engineering team traveled to the University of South Carolina to compete with other high schools across the state March 10. The PLTW team is composed of three individual groups, who worked collectively on a project focused around one of the PLTW Engineering Class Curriculums. The three teams sent to the competition included Introduction to Engineering Design (IED), Principles of Engineering (POE), and Digital Electronics (DE).

When the team reached the University, the competition for DE Teams had been canceled, allowing the teams to enter the IED competition instead. Starting around 10 a.m., the competition lasted all day until about 4.
The teams of three students worked vigorously throughout the morning to reconstruct a model plane while using their knowledge and background in design engineering, stress-testing, and reassembling parts. In the end, the two Wando teams in the IED competition won, tying for first. In result of their win, both teams were invited to come back to Carolina, and be honored for their win at a baseball game at the school’s stadium.