“Rage and the Machine” Shows Stellar Rap Presence


Robert Zeigler, Staff Writer

Joe Budden just released his new album “Rage and the Machine.” To many, people have never heard of Joe Budden or his music, but this new album has all the fire and energy.

It’s seriously worth listening too.

“Rage and Machine” is the perfect balance between bars and introspection. For his first

independent album, he has proven himself to be a lyrical heavyweight in the rap culture.

Joe Budden has been in the entertainment business for 13 years, but has proven with this album that he is not done. Rage and the Machine is simple, yet so composed with complex lyrics.

In his closing song of the album, “Idols” is the best song on the album by far. In this song, he is rapping about who his idols were as a kid. This song has powerful meaning of Budden’s true intellectual character.

This is by far one of the best albums of the year, and people should go check this album out. Joe Budden’s “Rage and the Machine” is a stellar performance of what a true rap artist is supposed to resemble.