Rap Battle Leads to Lincoln’s Second Smack-Down


Clayton Register, Staff Writer

Epic Rap Battles of History has become a phenomenon over the past few years, their popularity exploding after their first season.

Now on Season Five and with over three billion views and multiple Gold Record songs, ERB is a pop culture and internet icon. Besides pitting science fiction and historical characters against one another, creators Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist use modern rivals, such as the Battle of Obama V. Romney from 2012. Using the same formula of playing political opponents against each other once again, the new Clinton v. Trump Battle has taken the internet by storm.

The battle is both hilarious and serious, pointing out the flaws of both candidates and their policies. Clinton brings up Trumps racist comments and demeaning attitude and actions toward women, followed by a jab about his rumored relations with Vladimir Putin. The rappers even call Trumps kids “extras from American Psycho,” which is a reasonably accurate description of his slightly vampiric, pale offspring.

Trump retorts by immediately bringing up Clinton’s email scandal, followed by a stinging ISIS insult and an admission of harshness, but he “don’t do politeness.” Played by EpicLLOYD, Trumps overly orange face and exaggerated seriousness lend the character a hilarity missing in reality.

The battle is capped by the entrance of Abraham Lincoln under the wings of a giant bald eagle, just like in Obama v. Romney.

Lincoln, played by NicePeter, yells at both candidates for their rude comments and terrible behavior. He even tells  Hillary to “wipe that creepy a** smile off your face and beat this dummy!”

Lincoln also calls Trump out on his disregard for the election results and claims of rigging, telling him to “be a man and hold the door,” referring to the White House. To close, he repeats his claim, “of the people *slap* by the people *slap* for the people, eagle!”

The battle is a great commentary on the unorthodox election and the despised candidates in it. Witty, funny, and a little snide, this is my favorite battle of 2016. It was YUGE!