“Rules Don’t Apply” is a Let Down


I had very high expectations after hearing the relative plot of the movie ‘Rules Don’t Apply’. My friend and I’s hopes were especially high after a disappointing dinner hoping the film would make up for it. The empty theater gave me the impression that no one else was interested in the movie, I was let down.

The movie began as foreshadowing, which caused a lot of confusion once the plot flashed back. It also didn’t give any way of knowing how much time had passed. Two years? A few months? 16 seconds? The plot would’ve made more sense had I known the time frame.

While the color schemes of the scenes were very aesthetically pleasing, the rest of the cinematography was not. The best aspects of the whole thing were the main characters: Lily Collins and Alden Ehrenreich,  who have the cliche relationship of “girl falls for boy she shouldn’t have”. The pair had minimal romantic interaction, thirty seconds at most; and yet the “breakup” has to be the worst argument I’ve ever seen. I would’ve loved to see their breakup had they actually been together.

The film had a good idea, but it was unsuccessfully followed through. Random characters would suddenly make an appearance, apparently having an important role. My friend ended up falling asleep around six times, and if that’s not a bad sign, I’m not sure what is.

There are no words to describe the ending of the movie. The classic “kiss and makeup scene” was present, but it seemed way too out of place. The main characters were never even in a relationship, and yet they were planning to “try again”.

The only thing throughout the entire film that was clear is that the writer and director had gotten together upon making the film and decided that, when it comes to modern film making, the “Rules Don’t Apply” to them.