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‘Saviors’: The newest from the old

New Green Day album lives up to fan expectations
Helen Nang

Green Day has done it again with the recent release of their newest album “Saviors”. Now that the band is around 37 years old, you would think they wouldn’t be able to keep up their classic sound of punk rock, yet this album really does live up to the hype.

It has a very upbeat sound and is overall immensely energetic. As a big rock and pop punk music fan, I think these two genres mix really well together in “Saviors”. However, I do feel as if a few of the songs blend more with a Destroy Boys type of sound and it feels as if the members of Green Day wanted to feel young again.

“Saviors” is very similar to Green Day’s most popular albums “Dookie” and “American Idiot” especially with tracks “The American Dream Is Killing Me” and “Bobby Sox”.

While I was listening to “The American Dream Is Killing Me,” I didn’t have the highest hopes for how “Saviors” would go. I didn’t know if It would be trying too hard to be hip and badass like how the 90s era of Green Day was.

They are still trying to break the political/social agendas by speaking on newer problems within America, like the poverty rates America struggles with. The lyrics “bulldoze your family home, now it’s a condo” and “people on
the street, unemployed and obsolete” could also be the band reminiscing on the COVID days, questioning societ, and being curious on how we let the world become the way it is now.

“Dilemma” is my favorite song from “Saviors”, following “The American Dream Is Killing Me”. It covers the wounds from experiences Billie Joe Armstrong had and things he saw happening around him. Trying to bring light to struggles with addiction and mental health, the song is a way of owning up to things that happen to you whilst in an un-sober state to a sober state. The song sounds mellowed out at first and then goes back to loud and chaotic.

But if you enjoy Green Day but don’t always enjoy the loud crashes of the beat on the drums and heavy bass playing; “Father to a son” is perfect. Being heartfelt and genuine, trying to convey the message of “life ishard and it will only get harder but I am always here for you and I’m here to support you always”.

With all of that being said, “Saviors” is a coming of age album. It takes you throughout the good and bad of life. Showing that you can overcome any obstacle that is thrown your way. It doesn’t matter your background, you are strong no matter what.

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