SC Local and State Representatives Run in 2016

Samantha Winn, Co-Writing Editor

With the Election Day on Nov. 8, the main decision that’s on American’s minds is who will be the next president?

Although this is important, other national, state, and local elections are also taking place on Tuesday.

Here’s a list of who’s running for office for 2016:

United States Senator:
Each state in the United States has 2 senators, who make up the Senate in Congress. Senators have 6 year terms. Currently, the two South Carolina Senators are Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott.

Republican Party: Tim Scott (Incumbent)
Democratic Party: Thomas Dixon
American Party: Rebel Michael Scarborough
Libertarian/ Constitution Party: Bill Bledsoe

U.S Representative (From the First Congressional District):
This district stretches from the end of the Francis Marion National Park to Hilton Head. US Representatives get two year terms, and the number of representatives a state has depends on the population. Currently, Mark Sanford is the First Congressional District Representative.

Republican Party: Mark Sanford (Incumbent)
Democratic Party: Dimitri Cherny
American Party: Michael Greer Jr.
Libertarian Party: Albert Travison

SC State Senator:
State Senators meet in the General Assembly, a part of the two house system at the State Level. As a part of the legislative state branch, they can write and pass state laws. Currently, Larry Grooms is the State Senator from State Senate District 37.

Republican Party: Larry Grooms

SC House of Representatives:
Also a part of the General Assembly, the two house system at the state level, they have the power to write and pass state laws. Currently, Mike Sottile is the SC Representative from House District 112.

Republican Party: Mike Sottile
Many local races are occurring in the General November 2016 Election. Candidates vary on position and location.

Mount Pleasant
Charleston County Coroner:
This position confirms the death of an individual within jurisdiction of a county, and could complete investigations. Currently, Rae H. Wooten is the Charleston County Coroner.
Republican Party: Rae H. Wooten (Incumbent)

Charleston County Clerk of Court:
This position keeps and controls the records of the court. They also administer oaths to individuals in the courtroom, and is considered an officer of the court. Currently, Julie J. Armstrong is the Charleston County Clerk of Court.
Republican Party: Julie J. Armstrong (Incumbent)

Charleston County Treasurer:
This position manages the finances of Charleston County. Currently, Andrew C. Smith is the Charleston County Treasurer.
Mary Tinkler
Andrew C. Smith (Incumbent)

Charleston County Auditor:
This position examines accounting records and conduct audits for the county. Currently, Peter J. Tecklenburg is Charleston County Auditor.
Elizabeth Moffly
Democratic Party: Peter J. Tecklenburg (Incumbent)

Charleston County Sheriff:
This position is the head of keeping the peace, directly affecting law enforcement. Currently, the Charleston County Sheriff is Al Cannon.
Republican Party: Al Cannon

Cooper River Constituent School Board Member (Area 1):
This position represents the school board based on area. Area 1 is the Cooper River Area.
Lorena Jordan

Cooper River Constituent School Board Member (At Large):
This position represents the school board based on area. They will represent the general population voted on by all voters.
Ted Cozart

Moultrie/ Isle of Palms Constituent School Board Member:
This position represents the school board based on area.
Marty Presler Belk

Charleston County Council Member (District 3):
This position represents the town in legislation. There are several council members.
Republican Party: Elliott Summey

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