SOaR brings education to new heights

Mackenzi NierDuffy, Website Production Team

The Celebrate Freedom Foundation’s Stem Education Outreach and Recruitment (SOaR) visited Wando for the first time ever on Feb. 12 to show students career opportunities, specifically in STEM fields, available in the military.

Three stations were presented, each manned by a veteran or active service member who presented a helicopter used in the Vietnam War and military drones.

Although this is the first time SOaR has visited Wando, this organization has presented at over 260 schools in the Southeast.

JROTC and STEM classes, such as engineering, computer science, and physics classes, were invited to attend this presentation by Assistant Principal Jeff Blankenship.

“Success stories [about] people using what they’re learning in high school and college is really important to get out to [students],” he said.