Songs of Peace

Gabe Grills, Staff Writer

Stories of war, hate and drama seem to be the norm on any given day when you see the news. Wando Chorus wants to make a change in pace, and bring the community together under the banner of world peace.


Over the summer, Choir Director Eric Wilkinson brainstormed how to add positivity to the world when he was watching violence occurring around the world. His solution was to make the Fall Concert centered around the theme of peace.


”I just thought to myself, we really need some peace, something to bring the community together,” Wilkinson said.


The concert on Oct. 11 — rescheduled after Hurricane Matthew affected the first scheduled night — included guest speakers who shared quotes and poetry with the audience, all of which have a tone of peace and relate to the what’s going on in the country and the world today.


“If you just listen to our leaders and important people ignore the voices of everyday people on the community because when you listen all the arguing is pointless,” said junior Kyle McTavish, who is a member of Show Choir.


This Fall concert was created to give a voice to the community, to create good and peaceful memories.


In addition to the concert, Wando Chorus has also compiled a list of institutions in the region meant to help those in need and to bring peace into their lives. Through their singing, they hope to have the power to change perspectives in the world and bring peace to people troubled both mentally and physically.
“We need people to be less hateful,” Wilkinson said, “I’m saying both globally and nationally.”