Spirit Week Spring 2018


Caroline Combs, Breaking News

A new part of Spirit Week will be starting Jan 28: decorated hallways. Clubs and organizations will begin the decorations on Sunday and continue through Jan. 30.

Each hallway will be judged based on the rubric received by the participating clubs. The winning hallway will receive a $100 donation to the club and be announced at the Pep Rally on Feb. 2.
The second part of Spirit Week will include dress-up days. Themes for each day include the following:

Monday, Jan. 29: college football fan v businessman
Tuesday, Jan. 30: Greek life v parent life
Wednesday, Jan. 31: Beach life v eskimos
Thursday, Feb. 1: Hip hop v country
Friday, Feb. 2 is white out day.
The basketball teams will be playing West Ashley on Feb. 2.