6 Spookily Easy Halloween Costumes


Hannah Rothkopf, Staff Writer

Halloween is hiding just around the corner and creeping up fast. For those of you who were left in the dust in this whirlwind of activity and waited until the last minute to even think about a costume, here are a couple easy ones that can be made with a few cheap items from Wal-Mart and home materials.


First we have the “Jack O’ Lantern”. This easy costume only requires some scissors, tape or glue, black construction paper, and an orange t-shirt with the pants of your choosing.


Second we have a costume called “Hipster Trash”. All this costume calls for is a flannel/or obscure band shirt, some joggers, some thick black rimmed glasses with the lenses popped out, and a trash bag. Make sure you put three holes in the trash bag so that you can wear it like a shirt and then you’re ready to go.


Third we have the “Cereal Killer”. All this thrilling costume requires is a black shirt, some plastic knives, and some hot glue. If you want to get really fancy you could even drip some red paint over the knives to give a more realistic effect to your costume.


Fourth is the classic “Man Deathly Afraid of Drowning”. This costume just requires a trip to your garage to find that old life jacket your parents were forced to buy for your family trip to that water theme park all those years ago.


The fifth costume is called “The One Night Stand”. This costume requires an old tablecloth that your mom doesn’t care about anymore, a piece of cardboard, scissors, a hot glue gun, and whatever you might put on your night stand. This could be anything from a cup, to some change, a book, a lamp, whatever your heart desires.     
The last costume is a kids classic, the “Minion”. It only needs a yellow shirt and your old overalls from last years costume as a cow girl/boy. You also need some black boots, and goggles. If you don’t have goggles you can use some old black pipe cleaners and a clean toilet paper roll. Cut the roll in half and stick pipe cleaners through the sides like you’re making a pair of glasses.

See the costumes come to life down below.