Spring Dance Showcase March 27


Kiki Moss

A group of Wando dancers performing at the Dance Concert on March 27.

Matilda Seay, Staff Writer

Empowering young people through the power of dance, Wando Dance hosted its semester dance recital in the PAC March 27.

Putting on a variety of dances, students took the stage, in collaboration with PEACE LOVE HIP HOP and the Wando Step Team, to produce a exciting night through the 19 performances.

A few student choreographed dances, as well as choreograph by professional dancers, presented a variety of design and different types of dances such as hip hop, modern, contemporary and step.

Dance Teacher Jessica Belcher said she was proud of the performances and the energy throughout the night.

“It was such an incredible night. The show was extremely diverse we had so many great styles of dance. (…) It was just such a beautiful variety of dance and just a lot of energy in the crowd,” she said. “It was really great to see all of the students to come together and be apart of this production.”  

Wando Dance is accepting of all skill levels and no formal dance training is necessary. Contact Dance Teacher Jessica Belcher to get involved with the program.