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Student awaits future at Naval Academy

ROTC senior sets sights on military school admittance
Emmet Miles

Strength, discipline, and passion are just a few things that some may expect of a student in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. For Senior Mackenzie King, she must have all of those qualities and more to apply to the United States Naval Academy.

King recently finished her portion of the application process to join the Naval Academy after graduation. To be able to apply for the academy, on top of her own application and test, King requires a nomination from one of South Carolina’s senators. All she can do now is wait on their decisions.

“I won’t actually know if my application went through… the nomination for my application… until… probably early February,” King said.

With the goal of studying mechanical engineering, the Naval Academy will aid King to join her branch of choice, the United States Marines.

“I’ve wanted to be in the Marine Corps for a few years. I don’t remember how it originated, but my dad was in the Navy. And it kind of inspired me to be in the military,” King said.

“And somehow, somewhere, my heart set on the Marines a few years ago.”

Once out of the academy, King plans on becoming an officer in the Marines.

“I’d be… an engineering officer. So I learn mechanical engineering, so that I can teach others that in the Marine Corps,” King said.

After many hours of work, interviewing, and tests, King waits on her application to be sent and for the academy’s decision. King believes that she is ready to be a part of the United States military, and she hopes that others think the same as well.

“I feel like I can be a strong leader in our military. And for me, if I were to get into the Naval Academy, that would mean that the leaders of the country want me to be a leader,” King said.

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