Student Council Brings Holiday Spirit to Somerby

Jolie Crunnelle, Staff Designer

Somerby Active Retirement Community was serenaded with Christmas carols by members of Student Council on the evening of Dec. 13.

Student Body President Connor Griffin led the group in carols through the independent living area, spreading the Christmas cheer to residents. While the residents seemed surprised at first to see a bunch of high schoolers decked out in Christmas gear, many found themselves singing along by the end of the tune.

“This is the one event we do all year where I think we get the most excitement from the people we are putting the event on for,” Griffin said.

In addition to their excitement, many residents expressed great gratitude towards the carolers, thanking them as the group moved on to the next house.

Senior Faith Mitchell, Co-Spirit Chair of Student Council, also helped lead the carols. Her constant smile, in addition to her conducting skills, kept the group’s spirits high and faces bright with holiday cheer.

“I think they really appreciate it when young people just come around and sing to them when its actually from the heart, like its genuine,” Mitchell said. “It just gives me joy to make other people happy. This is my favorite event.”