Teacher of the Year embarks on new journey

McGee accepts promotion at Lucy Beckham High



AP Human Geography teacher Erin McGee will be leaving the classroom for the instructional coach position at Lucy Beckham High School.

Erin McGee, AP Human Geography teacher, and Wando’s Teacher of the Year, has been promoted and is leaving Wando. McGee is headed to Lucy Beckham High School to be their Instructional Coach.

“I had been looking for different leadership opportunities around the district, I saw that the spot had opened online, and I applied, interviewed, and they offered me the position right before spring break,” Mcgee said.

In her new position, McGee will move from working with students to working with teachers, and the job will provide her a stepping stone in her goals for leadership.

“You get to work with your school’s leadership team a little bit more. So I’ll get to learn a lot more about administration and, what does it mean to be a principal or an assistant principal and be able to make those decisions,” McGee said.

Being an instructional coach, McGee will be able to see the background of what she needs to do to prepare for her future endeavors in education, and how she can grow for those positions.

“It’s going to increase my responsibility and accountability, that’ll be really good for me to work on especially with time management. So I think just learning a lot more about the non-teacher side of schools and what I need to work on for myself to get to that end goal is really what’s gonna benefit me a lot as an instructional coach,” McGee said.

In preparation for this job, McGee got her administration degree from the Citadel three years ago, and on top of this, gained experience with the mentorship program, professional development training, an internship with Kristy Williams and other experience with the PTSO and testing logistics.

“The fact that my colleagues and my bosses saw something in me to step into the leadership role got my wheels turning, thinking about what I can do after the classroom. So being given those opportunities, and then being able to serve on those committees in that capacity is really what got me ready to take this next step. So I have all of them to thank for it,” McGee said.

At Wando, not only has McGee had mentors and students who have helped her in her career, but she has made best friends along the way.

AP World and U.S. History teacher Olivia Thatcher, says that her and McGee have formed a strong relationship from their time at Wando together.

“I have Ms. McGee, who is my best friend and has a supportive friendship role, and then I have Ms. McGee who is a really supportive colleague in my teacher role life,” Thatcher said.

Thatcher has gotten to see McGee grow as a person and as a teacher, as she began teaching at Wando only a year after McGee did.

“I have watched her become a leader in our department, but also a leader in our school. I’ve seen her transition from showing just as much commitment in the teacher role, to taking on leadership responsibility,” Thatcher said.

While Thatcher and McGee will no longer be at the same school, they will continue to be in each other’s lives, impact, and learn from each other.

“I love her. The school will definitely miss her impact, but I think the community will continue to feel her impact for years to come,” Thatcher said.

McGee said her parting words to Wando as she moves on to her future endeavors.

“Thank you. Just thank you to my students and my colleagues. I wouldn’t be the successful person that I am without you. I hope that other colleagues and students know how lucky they are to be here because I feel very lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to have been here,” McGee said.