“The Edge of Seventeen” is an Accurate Teen Movie


Courtney Asbill, Staff Writer

After watching the trailer for The Edge of Seventeen, I was beyond eager to go and see it. On opening night, my friend and I bought some popcorn and were the first ones in the theater. My expectations held. In two hours, the film accurately represented what it was like to be a teenage girl.

With Hailee Steinfeld starring as the main character Nadine, The Edge of Seventeen beautifully documents an awkward, emotional, and realistic few weeks for a 17-year-old girl.

It focuses on real topics that numerous high schoolers come in contact with. These include love, loss of friendships, underage drinking, and possibly even thoughts of suicide.

This film, from writer-director Kelly Fremon Craig, accurately depicts teen depression. After the death of her father, Nadine feels that all she has left is her honest teacher/mentor, a mom who just doesn’t listen, an older brother who receives all of the attention, an impossible crush, and a best friend who chooses Nadine‚Äôs brother over her.

Nadine views herself as an awkward loner. She feels unhappy in her in her own skin, which makes getting up and going to school everyday very difficult. She tries to find temporary happiness by trying out a party or seeking out her crush, but in the end it only makes her feel worse.

Through her struggles, she becomes stronger.

This movie is relatable to a lot of teens because high school is the time where you begin to find yourself, and within that time, you will feel lost. Nadine emphasizes this and highlights that things don’t stay bad forever

I was very satisfied with this film and thought its humorous but serious approach to exposing the life of teenagers played out really well.