“The Hamilton Mixtape” is Straight Fire


Eliza Kurts, Staff Writer

If you haven’t heard of the musical Hamilton, then you’ve been living under a rock. With all of the publicity its cast and shows have been receiving, it has been impossible to miss.

Recently, Hamilton entered the headlines again. This time for a mixtape of all of the songs in the musical, even the songs that were cut prior to its Broadway debut.

This mixtape includes the talents of artists like Sia, Usher, Alicia Keys, Wiz Khalifa, Chance the Rapper and even Jimmy Fallon.

What might seem like an eclectic group, surprisingly works wonderfully. Putting all of these powerhouse musicians together on one album made each song special and unique.

Right from the intro, I could feel the strength in the performances. No song fell short or felt misplaced. They all fit in their own way.

While maintaining Hamilton’s original story in the lyrics, many artists chose to switch up some verses to provide a more universal application, which I loved. The more popular feel the artists gave to the songs create an entirely new experience with the music. I found it enjoyable, still feeling the chills I felt the first time I listened to the original album, but not to the same extent.

While the mixtape was good, I don’t think anything can compare to the original musical soundtrack.

The thing I appreciate most about the Hamilton Mixtape is that many wonderful albums get pushed to the side because people think Broadway music isn’t for them, but this album breaks that stereotype and allows people who are drawn more to popular music to see that Broadway isn’t just one type of music. There is something out there for everyone.