“The Secret Life Of Pets” Purr-fect for Animal Lovers


Paige Mistler, Staff Writer

I always wonder what my dog does while our family is away at work and school. I know she probably sleeps the whole time and only barely gets up when she hears the key in the lock, but I’d like to think she escapes our home and runs wild with other dogs and rabid bunnies. The only bad thing she does is get on our brand new couch, but it’d be super cool to know that she was breaking out of our house and saving the city from demented animals wanting to kill humans.

As a lover of puppies, I knew that I just had to go see this movie. The cute animated animals absolutely appealed to my senses and I almost jumped out of my chair in excitement during the opening credits.

The main character, Max (Louis C.K.), resembled my dog almost perfectly. He loved his owner, always waiting by the door from the time she left the house to the time she came home (except for his daily walks with the dog walker). Max became insanely jealous and tried to sabotage when a new dog, Duke (Eric Stonestreet) was adopted by his owner (Ellie Kemper).

The first day that Duke is in the family, he joins Max and several other dogs at the park for the daily walk. Duke tricks Max into leaving the park and the dog walker doesn’t notice. Duke and Max are lost in New York City.

As the journey to get back home continues, Max and Duke begin to bond. After having to work together to escape Snowball (Kevin Hart), a bunny who wishes to kill humans, the pair learn the power of friendship.

I feel that the movie was focused more for children; but I do have to admit that some parts of the movie were somewhat violent (I’m looking at you, Snowball). If you are an animal lover and almost scream every time you see a dog (looking at me this time), this movie is absolutely perfect. I feel that the movie is totally worth spending your money, especially if the furry balls of love are your favorite things.

“The Secret Life of Pets 2” will be released July 13, 2018 and I bet you the twelve dollars it will cost to get in that I will be first in line.