To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a hit among Netflix movies

Megan Wooters, Staff Writer

When my sister left for college this summer, we made a pact to maintain our life long tradition of watching rom-coms and admittedly trashy teen dramas together, even though she had moved away. For our first movie, we settled on To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, knowing it could easily be hit or miss, as all of Netflix’s recent films have been. I have to say, it was a hit.

Originally written by Jenny Han and starring Lana Condor, the movie is the sweet coming of age story of Lara Jean Covey, a shy and somewhat invisible junior in high school. Throughout her adolescent life, she has written five secret love letters to all the boys she’s ever loved, never intending to send them. When the letters are accidentally sent, Lara Jean ends up in a very sticky situation, involving the most popular boy in school and stripping L.J. of her invisible status.

The film effortlessly balances heavy issues with trivial teen troubles while still staying light hearted, hilarious, whimsical and at times overly theatrical. Almost every scene, both serious and light, between Lara Condor playing LJ and Noah Centineo as her co-star Peter Kavinsky will have you pausing the movie just to gush over how cute they are, no matter how cheesy it may be.

Although To All the Boys is almost painfully predictable, what more can you really expect from a rom-com turned pretend dating scenario.

The most disappointing element of the film is the main antagonist Gen, played by Emilija Baranac. Peter’s jealous ex girlfriend — and Lara Jean’s ex friend — spends the whole movie pining after Peter, when she broke up with him first. Hoping for a Gen redemption in a classic heart to heart with Lara Jean in the school bathroom, I was let down again to a two-dimensional villain who doesn’t have anywhere near the complexity of a real person. Despite being a flat character, she serves her purpose for the plot, even with her petty insults and cringey comebacks.

Apart from minor gripes, this heart melting movie is an adorable throwback to the ‘80s and ‘90s teen romantic comedies, à la Sixteen Candles and 10 Things I Hate About You, while flawlessly adapting them to fit today’s trends, even down to its fun and modern soundtrack. To top off an amazing film, all teens can relate to Lara Jean in some way, from her unique habits to her high school woes, making To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before all the more enjoyable.