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Zach Green, Website Editor

Welcome to Tribal Jams, your spot to discover what the Tribe is listening to today.

This week, we’ve handcrafted a grand finale playlist for the 2016 election. President-elect Donald Trump is one of the more polarizing politicians in US history, so we carefully selected jams that equally represent the national reaction. We’ve got plenty of songs for those that can’t wait for Trump to shake things up in Washington. For those that are still bitter about Hillary’s loss, we’ve got just as many tracks that encompass your frustrations.

We rounded out the playlist with songs for those that lay somewhere in between. People that are disappointed with how Trump’s already stepped back from many of his proposed policies. People that never liked either candidate in the first place. People that are scared for their well-being under such an extreme presidency.

Wherever you stand, nothing will change the fact that Wando will always walk the Warrior Way. Let’s come together  through some great music and move into a new America with open eyes and full hearts. Enjoy your weekly dose of jams.