Tribal Tribune Awarded All Southern at South Carolina Scholastic Press Associtation


Russell Glass , Co-Website Editor

Wando’s Tribal Tribune won a total of 31 individual awards as well as a best in state award at March 3-5 at the Southern Interscholastic Press Association, while the yearbook Legend won best in South Carolina as well.
Wando’s Legend won 24 individual awards — the best in yearbook’s history — while also being awarded Best Yearbook in South Carolina.
Tribe Talk, Wando’s broadcast program, received a superior rating and had 14 individual award winners. A full list of awards for all three publications in available below.

The Tribal Tribune
Teacher: Tammy Watkins
Overall rating: All-Southern
Total Individual Awards: 31

First Place, News Feature Writing: Francesca Mathewes
First Place, News Writing: Bhavani Srinivas
First Place, Sports Writing: Devon Lee
First Place, News Cutline: Lettie Lundy
Second Place, Sports Writing: Hannah Bain
Second Place, Sports Feature Writing: Abby Vorhees
Second Place, Review Writing: Zach Green
Second Place, Entertainment/Features Column: Liz Hipes
Third Place, News Writing: Francesca Mathewes
Third Place, Editorial Column: Francesca Mathewes
Third Place, Feature Writing: Ryan Rothkopf
Third Place, Blog Writing: Lauren Insinger
Third Place, Online Reviews: Zach Green
Third Place, Features Cutline: Lettie Lundy
Best in Show, Headline Package: Mackenzie Ivey
Best in Show, News Page Design: Lettie Lundy
Best in Show, Online Feature Package: Francesca Mathewes
Best in Show, Online Opinion Package: Katherine Kollegger
Best in Show, Pictorial/Scenic Photography: Jack Rogers
Best in Show, Sports Photography: Jack Rogers
Award of Merit, Editorial Cartoon: Rose Holstein
Award of Merit, Centerspread Design: Charlotte O’Neil
Award of Merit, Online Feature Package: Ryan Rothkopf
Award of Merit, Online Opinion Package: Morgan Carpenter
Award of Merit, Club Photography: Lydia Gardner
Award of Merit, News Photography: Jack Rogers
Honorable Mention, Editorial Cartoon: Zach Green
Honorable Mention, Feature Page Design: Mackenzie Ivey
Honorable Mention, Online Opinion Package: Coleman Wallace
Honorable Mention, Academic Photography: Katherine Kollegger
Best Writing, Team On-Site Production: Samantha Winn, Katherine Kollegger, Patrick Aherne, Francesca Mathewes

The Legend
Teacher: Phillip Caston
Overall Rating (last year’s book): All-Southern
Total Individual Awards: 24 (most in yearbook history)

First Place, Student Life Writing: Brooke Fletcher
First Place, Sports Writing: Jack Rhiel
Second Place, Community Writing: Sophie Winnick
Third Place, Academic Writing: Sydney Warren
Third Place, Groups Writing: Emily Scruggs
Third Place, Community Writing: Sophie Mauerhan
Best in Show, End Sheet Design: Des Armstrong and Sophie Winnick
Best in Show, Divider Design: Sophie Winnick
Best in Show, Clubs Design: Maddie Manke
Best in Show, Clubs Photography: Nathan Warner
Best in Show, Computer Special Effects Photography: Ry Ulmer
Best in Show, Alternative Copy Design: Anna Perryman
Best in Show, PR/Marketing: Legend Staff
Award of Merit, Academic Photography: Sophie Winnick
Award of Merit, Computer Special Effects Photography: Sophie Winnick
Award of Merit, Camera Special Effects Photography: Sophie Winnick
Honorable Mention, Alternative Copy Design: Sophie Winnick
Honorable Mention, Cover Design: Des Armstrong and Sophie Winnick
Honorable Mention, Profile Design: Des Armstrong
Honorable Mention, Opening Spread: Des Armstrong and Sophie Winnick
Honorable Mention, Clubs Design: Kennedy Pettengill
Honorable Mention, Sports Photography: Megan Fleming
Honorable Mention, News Photography: Millie Chantepie
Best Copy, Team On-Site Production: Abbey Byrd, Faith Dutton, Maddie Manke, Anna Perryman

Tribe Talk
Teacher: Shawntell Pace
Overall Rating: Superior
Total Individual Awards:

Best in Show, Podcast: Reilly Biller and Connor Griffin
Best in Show, PSA: Jack McAlister
Award of Merit, News Story: Jenna Sulkowski, Connor Griffin, Cain Compton, Alyssa Weeks
Award of Merit, Sports Coverage: Reilly Biller, Caroline Cox, Blake Ellis
Award of Merit, Digital Story Telling: Reagan Gresham and Jenna Sulkowski
Award of Merit, Podcast: Wyatt Wells and Connor Griffin
Honorable Mention, Anchor: Connor Griffin
Honorable Mention, Graphics: Jack McAlister, Cameron Allen, Zaq Butler, Tate Fowler
Honorable Mention, Music Video: Mark Maddaloni
Honorable Mention, Human Interest: Jack McAlister and Cameron Allen
Honorable Mention, Short Film: Jenna Sulkowski, Selena Colon, Sydney Register
Honorable Mention, Sports Coverage: Reilly Biller, Mark Maddaloni, Valeria Hughen
Best Storytelling, Team On-Site Production: Jenna Sulkowski and Blake Ellis
Best Anchor, Team On-Site Production: Sydney Register
Honorable Mention, Anchor, Team On-Site Production: Tate Fowler