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The student news site of Wando High School

Tribal Tribune

The student news site of Wando High School

Tribal Tribune

The student news site of Wando High School

Tribal Tribune

Tribal Tribune Senior Appreciation

Senior staff leaves lasting impact on newspaper

This year’s Tribal Tribune staff placed 7th in the nation for Best of Show at the fall National Scholastic Press Association conference in Boston. The success this staff has produced this year has been a product of blood, sweat, and tears matched with relentless determination to be the best at its craft. This staff was built on a large and resilient core of seniors, 14 of them, who compiled their combined years of experience to display to the world, for their last year, why this newspaper is renowned as one of the best high school newspaper programs in the nation.

Lili Ambrose is our entertainment editor and has been on staff for three years. Through her time serving as a writer, she has displayed her unique ability to tell people’s stories in a way that represents them while simultaneously keeping the reader engaged in the life of her subject.

Jordan DeMario is our News and Features writer and she has been on staff for two years. Jordan’s unique aura is always enjoyable and her energetic personality, alongside her special talent for writing entertaining and informative stories, has earned her many awards throughout her career.

Charlotte Baxter is our Graphics editor, but she ventures far beyond that title. Charlotte is a very expressive and passionate writer who easily conveys her feelings through her keyboard, making her stories a delight to read. She has always produced outstanding graphics for stories and front pages alike, which has won her many first place awards in different competitions.

Ginabella Del Veccio, more commonly known as GB, is our copy editor. This is her first year on staff, but her dedication cannot be questioned. Throughout her time in the Tribal Tribune, GB designed, wrote, and, of course, copied stories. She always brings an aura of kindness and care for her fellow staffers, creating a positive work environment for everyone around her.

Isabella Varitas is one of our three design editors and she is a third-year staffer. Her experience and resulting ability is a key cog in the machine that is this newspaper and especially our design core. As a result she has won many awards, nationally and regionally. She is a kind hearted expert who has taught other staffers her skills.

Julia Gaglione is the second and last of our senior design editors and she is also a third-year staffer. Julia has been an important piece of the design puzzle with her natural talent and developed skill in design. She is sociable and brings an air of positivity to the people around her.

Scarlet Lewis is our associate editor. Scarlett is a third-year staffer and extremely talented photographer. She is always kind to anyone she works with and balances her work in the newspaper with her overwhelming workload outside of class graciously. She is an academic weapon as well as a great singer and good joker.

Livi Ralston is one of our photo editors. Livi is a third-year staffer and outstanding photographer. She has won numerous awards for her skills in photography and has an infectiously lively personality which flows throughout whatever room she is in.

Izzy Burgess is one of our photo editors. Izzy is a first-year staffer and one of the most positively energetic people on staff, which has helped her create a positive work environment for everyone around her. She is also a very talented photographer who has taken many beautiful photos.

Jacob Winston is a staff designer and second-year staffer. Jacob is a kind staffer that assists others in their work and builds social connections with those around him. He has been important to our design productionover the past year.

Brittany Wagener is a staff writer and first year staffer. Brittany is a flexible writer who can take on any task asked of her for the greater good of the paper. She is a quiet workhorse whose dedication is underappreciated. Brittany has always been kind to everyone she has worked with, despite the weight of her in class work along with what she has to deal with as a senior.


From the Adviser: This group of seniors have been–and this is an understatement–extraordinary. They have reinvented and revolutionized our school’s storied newspaper, and they did it in such a short time. They have already achieved national accolades for their work, and the best is still yet to come. As I’ve told them throughout the year, the newspaper really “grew up” under them, but that is a testament to how they have also grown and evolved as super young women and men and as young journalists. They believed in a vision, and their outstanding leaders, editors in chief Morgan Cook and MC Warner, never wavered from that goal to be the very best. Thank you for all you gave this program, this school, and me. I wish you all the very best

-Love, Caston

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