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The student news site of Wando High School

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The student news site of Wando High School

Tribal Tribune

The student news site of Wando High School

Tribal Tribune

Uneasy times for U.S. ally

Israel responds with force following terrorist attack

These past few weeks have been among the bloodiest days in Israeli history.

On Oct. 7, the terrorist group Hamas launched a full fledged attack on Israel out of the Gaza Strip. The sudden attack has since killed over 5,000 civilians and injured thousands of others. Hundreds of Israelis have been kidnapped and taken hostage.

Most recently, four hostages have been released from Gaza, including two U.S. nationals. The hostages described these conditions as brutal and unimaginable. What was once a pilgrimage to three major world religions has become a place of war.

Junior Ruby Gamliel remembers what Israel was like during a recent trip to the Holy Land.

“At the time there weren’t really any rockets or anything. We never had to go into a bomb shelter. At one time someone stabbed a few people then ran them over with their car a few miles away [from us]… now they’re in a full on war,” Gamliel said.

In the past, Israel and Palestine have been known as a conflict zone. Many of these conflicts arise from arguments over who owns what territory.

“The conflicts that are going on right now date all the way back to long before Israel became a country,” Gamliel said. “It was shocking because I met a lot of people and have contact with them and they’re still processing.”

When the attacks first began, senior Adrianna Borego began thinking about Desiree Gonzales, a friend who was staying in Jerusalem. Gonzales experienced the attacks and
has since left Israel.

“I experienced going to the bomb shelter at the sound of the sirens multiple times,” Gonzales said. “I heard the explosions and the gunfires in the distance while being housed in East Jerusalem. Rockets were aimed at Jerusalem from Gaza while we were there.”

Despite the brutality of the war unfolding, Gonzales attempted to maintain peace. “What happened is beyond sad and horrendous, but the goal of terrorism is to terrorize, to paralyze you and mess with your emotions,” Gonzales said. “We had to fight back the way Israel knows best, do not give in to fear. My goal was clear, [to] stand firm in faith declaring the Lord’s promise of victory and supernatural protection.”

The ongoing conflict has cost thousands of lives in both Israel and Gaza. With the attacks destroying civilian areas, bomb shelters, and even hospitals, the world cannot help but watch the situation unfold.

“Hamas decided to infiltrate Israel to steal, kill and destroy through inhumane, evil and unimaginable ways,” Gonzales said. “The people of Israel are in pain but they’re not broken. They are hopeful, resilient and united.”

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