“Walls” Brings Back Refreshing Rock Vibes


Finally checking all the boxes, Kings of Leon’s new album WALLS exceeds expectations. Recent albums have fallen short by them leaving fans like myself hesitant to fully immerse ourselves in the hype created for “WALLS.”

“WALLS” goes back to their roots and creates something closer to what Kings of Leon started as. The band is traditionally known as a U2-rock band mix, which can be clearly heard in their new song “Over.”

Incomplete without a proper mix of fast and slow songs, “WALLS” features the ballad “Muchacho,” which provides much needed relief from the succession of high tempo, ecstatic songs preceding it. “Muchacho” also distinguishes itself with a melodic whistle solo that seems like it wouldn’t work in a rock song, but Kings of Leon executes it perfectly.

Lyrics really lack in “WALLS,” but then again, Kings of Leon isn’t really known for its insightful wisdom. Regardless, songs like “Over” have a tendency to repeat the same couple of words over and over again until you’re wondering if you’re listening to pop or rock. This lyrical shortcoming is evident in most of the songs in WALLS, but it’s only noticeably bad in a couple of stinkers.

“WALLS” is the perfect way for Kings of Leon to get back in the spotlight after a couple albums that didn’t really hit home with the public.

They go back and finally start creating the U2-like songs that made them famous in the first place. “WALLS” is an excellent album that keeps a fast pace, but uses ballads and slower songs to keep the album light and refreshing.