Wando’s annual Art show

Ben Wallace, Website Editor

Walking through the halls of the CAS, students can see beautiful displays of artwork displayed on boards. These pieces are apart of Wando’s annual art show. Every year, select artists are given awards for their work and final products. This year’s awards are:

Overall Awards
Principal purchase award – Daniel Jacobs

Rookie of the Year- Conor Kerr

Best Senior Work- Ben Bell

Judge’s Choice Award- Larsyn Vandermast

Teacher’s Choice Award- Ethan Betsill

Individual Awards
Conceptual Sculpture- 1st: Charlotte Dovey 2nd: Chloe Santor

Design Sculpture- 1st: Phillip Janaskie 2nd: Avery Hooten

Beginning Drawing- 1st: Abigail O’Donnell 2nd: Katherine Hulsey

Intermediate Drawing- 1st: Madeline Simons 2nd: Olivia Wingo

Advanced Drawing- 1st: Samantha Castiller 2nd: Maria Uribe

Experimental- 1st: Ella Drew Dodd 2nd: Katherine Hulsey

Beginning Design- 1st: Riley WIllis 2nd: Mara Goodrich

Advanced Design- 1st: Stella Stuchlak 2nd: Alyssa Selbo

Beginning Photography- 1st: Jeanne Dunn 2nd: Elias Manchester

Advanced Photography- 1st: Elea Chateau 2nd: Eliza Latsbaugh

Beginning Painting- 1st: Genevieve McCartney 2nd: Stephanie Schmitt

Advanced Painting- 1st: Katherine Palmer 2nd: Rebecca Cottingham

Mixed Media- 1st: Ella Maya Steen-Hyman 2nd: Lucia Ronchi

Printmaking- 1st: Alyssa Selbo 2nd: Lauren Keating

Artist of Interest: Katherine Palmer, Samantha Sullivan, and Ellen Fontanella.