“War Dogs” is an Entertaining Diversion


Einah Park, Features Editor

Guns, money and freedom.


These three words are small but hold infinite meaning. These three words epitomize so many American war movies. These three words are the movie War Dogs.


The movie didn’t fail to have the theatre laughing, though some of the humor didn’t ring with me. However, as the movie carried on, I realized the incredible potential portrayed in the trailer did not translate.


Massage therapist David Packouz (Miles Teller) is unsatisfied with his life in Miami and decides to start selling high-quality bed sheets for low prices to retirement communities. His best friend Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill) currently owns a shell company, AEY, which arms soldiers in the ongoing war in Iraq.


After much persuasion, Efraim convinces David to join his company. However, just as David is learning the ropes, a shipping issue occurs. The pair must travel to Jordan in order to solve the problem.


The rest of the movie is the definition of a Hollywood film — Vegas jackpots, fraud, fights, ets. Oh, and a Bradley Cooper cameo.


The movie was fantastic, save for the lack of genuine humor. The acting was great and the plot was interesting enough to keep me entertained. This true story shed some light on the war in Iraq and how these kids rose to be millionaires by seizing such an opportunity.