Week 2: Adelia Phillips, Girl’s Tennis

Megan Wooters, Website Production Team

How has your sport changed your life and how does it affect you?

Tennis is definitely a team environment so you learn how to work with girls and you learn how to control your emotions and you learn how to express them throughout your shots.
You know, it’s a fun sport because you definitely get to have everyone there to back you up and cheer you on when you really need it and it also puts pressure on you. You know and it’s on your shoulders if you win you help carry the team to winning the whole match. And I really like it, it’s a fun sport to play, it’s lifelong too.

Why do you play your sport?

So I play tennis because of my grandfather, it’s a family sport, so my grandfather actually got me into tennis and I’ve always loved the idea of tennis. I always used to watch the US open, and Wimbledon, and always used to dream about going there. You know, it’s like I said a family thing, and so we’ve always played it, and I like being on the court by myself, I’m more a singles player.

What’s your favorite memory regarding your sport? Since you have been doing it for such a long time, there’s definitely a lot to choose from.

I have, yeah twelve years. Let’s see, probably just being on the court with my grandfather because we have a really good relationship and it’s really fun just to see how much he loves the sport, and then to teach his granddaughter is just really something that he loves to do, and so we have some really good memories.

And how would you say this season is going?

This season’s going good so far. We look like we have a pretty strong team, so hopefully we can go to state this year, that would be awesome to do senior year.