Week 16: Lucca Ferreira, Boy’s Soccer

How has soccer shaped your life?

Whenever I’m sad or happy, I want to play soccer, like when I’m sad and I play soccer it makes me forget about everything, and when I’m happy it makes me even happier.

Why do you play soccer?

I’ve been playing soccer since I can remember and when I grew up in Brazil, Soccer was just a part of life so it’s always been a part of mine. It’s a part of me.

How’s your season going so far?

The season is going great and we have won 14 games, lost 2, and tied 1. We are really good as a team, we can definitely improve and we will improve by playoffs but we are working really well; it feels like one big team, not just a bunch of little groups.

What’s your favorite memory regarding soccer?

My favorite memory is playing with my friends in Brazil on the beach when I was a kid. Everyone would just be playing soccer and the beach and having fun.