Week 20: Kevin Wray, Varsity Boy’s Soccer


Emma Martin, Staff Photographer

How has soccer shaped your life?

“On the soccer field, I’m seen as a leader and I help my teammates overcome adversity. When they are really tired, I’ll motivate them and try to get them to keep going. [Soccer] has showed me how hard work and dedication really do pay off. And if you put in the work, it will show.”

Why do you play soccer?

“There is a long of history of my family and soccer. My dad played and all my brother played, and I’m the youngest brother so I was supposed to play soccer. But there’s something about being on the field and scoring a goal that’s so rewarding; it just makes me want to play again.”

How’s your season going so far?

“The season has been pretty good. For the past two years we have been undefeated and this year we lost two games which was kind of a bummer, but that was in the beginning of the season when we hadn’t really played together as a team yet. Since that point, we’ve been winning every game and it’s been awesome. We are in the playoffs right now and play lower state this week. Then if we win that, we go to the championship this weekend.”

What’s your favorite memory regarding soccer?

“My favorite memory is probably a few years ago when we won the state championship back in Connecticut and I scored four of the goals. It was the coolest feeling ever because I came back to town and everyone was so proud.”