Week 5: Regan Clifford, Girl’s Golf

Leland McConnell, Website Production Team

How has golf shaped your life?

“It teaches you so many life lessons, like, you just have to be honest on the course when you are taking your score. You have to be respectful of the people.

Why do you play golf?

“Well, it brings out the competitiveness, like you may think golf is just boring, lame, easy, but it’s actually very difficult and you just have to stick through it.”

How is your season going?

“It is pretty good. We actually won region, which was last Thursday, so we’re excited. We’re going to lower state Monday, which is in Columbia. We are actually undefeated so far.”

What is your favorite memory regarding golf?

“Definitely last year state. We had so much fun, we stayed in the hotel eating so much junk food, [and it was] so good. Last year we had a senior that we all loved, it was so sad when she left, but we just had the best time. We meet at Carrabba’s every year.”