Week 7: Laura Ciccarelli, Girl’s Cross Country

Leland McConnell, Website Production Team

How has cross country shaped your life?

I started in sophomore year, and it wasn’t really a big part of my life at that point, but now i feel like running isn’t something that you stop doing, its something you can do for the rest of your life. It is something that I am going to continue past high school and throughout my life, so it has really changed my plans for later on.

Why do you compete in cross country?

I started out doing it thinking that it would be something different, but now its because I am doing a sport. I didn’t think I would like competing, but I actually love it.

How is your season going?

It is actually going very well. I started out trying to beat 22 minutes, and I couldn’t get there, but at my last meet it was 21 (minutes) 14 (seconds), so I am almost a minute faster.

What is your favorite memory regarding cross country?

I guess all of the girls on the team are really nice. So we have a lot of team dinners, and its a smaller group so its very fun.