Why I am a writer…

Camryn Teder, Co-Writing Editor

I was in third grade when it happened.

The creative world introduced itself to me in the guise of a golden bear. My class was putting on a puppet show, an adaptation of Winnie the Pooh. Everyone had to participate. I was too shy to be a puppet, too visually arts challenged to make the set.

That didn’t leave much for little old me to do, except for one. Write the script. I reluctantly volunteered to avoid having any speaking roles. I was the only one who did save another girl forced into doing it with me.

My teacher handed me a little book with a small smile. I had no idea where to start. Back then, I hadn’t found my voice. It seemed as if the world was geared toward the outgoing. I stared up at the computer in front of me in the school library, poking awkwardly at the keys.

Slowly, the click-clack of the keyboard became more frequent and more alive. A warm feeling settled in my stomach. And then I realized, I like doing this. That was the first time that I understood the power and the voice that you can receive by writing.

Often times, people get so wrapped up in the small things that they forget to stop and think about the tiny, unexpected moments. They don’t cherish, they don’t apologize, all because they don’t understand that life doesn’t just stop to make up for lost time, it’s constantly happening all
around them.

I think I’ve been spared this sad truth of life. I’m not in college yet, I have no degree. Legally, I’m nothing more than a kid, but I may know more about life than some people five times my age. All because I am a writer. I have been since the third grade.

There is so much more to a writer than the textbook definition. It’s not just sitting and letting a pen spew large and monotonous words across a blank page. It’s so much more than that. Being a writer is a personality, a lifestyle. And here’s what it means.

As a writer, I am thoughtful and introspective. I love to think, to create and to imagine. To piece together long strings of words that become scripture. Words that can change someone forever.

I love to dwell on life’s little (tiny/small) moments, to really see people and feel for them.
Human beings are so complex and yet we know so little about ourselves. I love trying to understand that. I am so enamored with emotion and with thoughts.

As a writer, I am an introvert. It’s just who I am, and that’s perfectly ok. I don’t feel obligated to jump in and state my opinion. I can do that later on paper.

I save my words for the page where I have the opportunity to say those things on Mars in a made-up language or debate with Maya Angelou about whether or not humans are inherently good. I may not be an extrovert, but I talk a lot on paper. I don’t create drabbles of conversations that only last for a moment, I create words that last forever.

As a writer, I am observant and curious. Curiosity is a wonderful trait. You can discover so much more watching than doing sometimes, if you know where to look that is. People don’t realize how inspiring they can be in public places.

As a writer, I am a creator. I love to write. There is something so incredible about being able to create a whole new world comprised entirely of words.

And so, because of those things, I am a writer. I am more than just the quiet girl in your classroom, I am a human being full of words and worlds and emotions. I am extremely passionate about the world, music, people, and much more. That’s what makes me a writer. A walking hub of all things out of this world.