“Yes Lawd” Shows that .Paak Goes on More Than a Hope and a Prayer


David Carico, Circulation Editor

“Yes Lawd” by NxWorries is an excellent example of the creative progression of hip hop.

.Paak being a part of the mythical Dr. Dre’s, Aftermath record label demonstrates why the rap legend picked him up in the first place. With his fresh half-rapping, half-singing sound, .Paak shows intimacy and even humor in his lyricism as it is fused with Knxwledge’s soulful mixes, funky beats, and traditional hip-hop sound.

Tracks like “What More Can I Say”, “Lyk Dis”, and “Can’t Stop” demonstrate the flair, and intoxicating sound the duo creates when they put their artistic minds together. The humor in “H.A.N” shows the creative jesting by using religion and prayer to criticize the behavior of certain “hoes.”

Both of these artists have made themselves famous for their solo work, but this debut shows the two are a dynamic duo. Along with showing that these artists have a more musical and artistic goal than topping the pop charts, by creating an intelligent melodious album.

I would definitely give Yes Lawd a 5/5 stars.