Week 11: Kole Barron, Wando Wrestling

Leland McConnell, Staff Writer

How has wrestling shaped your life?

Well, it kind of dictates my life,so everything I do is revolved around it. Like, my diet, my habbits, I have to work out constantly, waking up to run, or study habbits revolve around it to. My time is kind of consumed by it.

Why do you play wrestling?

Its in the family, my father wrestled, and it has always stood out to me as a sport I would like.

How is your season going?

So far, its good. We’ve won a couple tornaments, and its just good. We have a winning record.

What is your favorite memory regarding Wrestling?

I don’t know if I have a single memory, but the experience as a whole is kind of favorable. The team is great, and really fun.