“Blonde” Is Well Worth the Wait


Adam Duffy, Staff Writer

Frank Ocean’s four-year absence left the world with nothing more than high hopes.


And he exceeded all of them with “Blonde.”


“Nikes” is a smooth R&B opener that cracks the door to the rest of this superb album. He sings of Nike shoes and NBA rings, leading to a smooth verse that alludes to Ocean’s dreams of the future and fantasies of materialistic success.


“Ivy” is reminiscent of a past relationship that went awry. The chorus ends with Ocean accepting fault and hate from a past significant other. In retrospect of the relationship, he alludes to the relationship being unhealthy. The song’s moving beat and powerful lyrics are brought to an end by the sounds of metal being dragged across a concrete floor.


“Pink + White”’s smooth drum track rushes under Oceans lyrics of no control. The movement of this piece give it an ascending feeling, as though Ocean is rising to something above human. He sings over the sky or ground, and how it is all downhill from there. The song ends with the sounds of birds chirping, implying Ocean’s ascension.


“Nights” showcases Ocean’s brilliant ability to make listeners feel a situation. It displays city lights at night, alluded to by the upbeat drum track. Past the positive sound is a darker message of shooters and survival in the city.


“White Ferrari” slows the album down and solidifies itself as a fantastic ballad. Ocean sings of his care and want of someone, likely a former significant other. The electronic and drum tracks give this song a self-reflecting vibe, lifting it up from a great ballad to a masterpiece.


Frank Ocean is not the same. “Blonde” is not “Channel Orange” 2.0. It is “Blonde.” Ocean took the long three years to self-reflect and mature, creating a likely competitor to Drake’s “Views” as top album of 2016. This absurdly good album closes with ‘Futura Free,” a moving piece, leading Ocean to find not materialistic salary or status, but himself.

Frank Ocean continues his legacy as one of the best post-R&B artists ever.