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Fashion at the Emmys

A display of boring ensembles and awards
Charlotte Baxter

According to all my friends without a job or a license, the TV shows released this year that were Emmy nominated were, for the most part, pretty impressive. But I couldn’t care less about their talent or their dedication or their thank yous to all the people that got them there. I care about the outfits. I don’t watch many new TV shows and don’t really know who many of the Emmy attendees are, so if I bash any celebrity outfits to death, I’m sorry. It’s not personal. I’m sure they are just a lovely person with an evil stylist.

First up is Aubrey Plaza, who decided to wear a strikingly gorgeous yellow dress by Loewe with its own special neck-breaking feature: a built-in weapon! Now I do know and love Aubrey Plaza, and this pin-cushion dress doesn’t make me feel any differently about her. When I really think about it, it makes sense for who she is. She just lives to confuse and scare people. While I think the overall theme she was trying to convey may have gotten a little lost in translation, I appreciate that she came prepared for anything. I don’t know why she wore it or who she ended up using it on, but when it comes to Aubrey Plaza, I don’t really want to ask too many questions.

Jessica Chastain, I understand that green is her color. I do, however, also think that the shiny number she brought to the Emmys looks a little too similar to a Laffy Taffy wrapper. Which is, of course, a very colorful and joy-filled brand of candy. But, for the gorgeous and talented Oscar winning actress that she is, she can do better.

Pedro Pascal with a broken arm is so funny to me. Go to the doctor, boy. Get a note from the office. Even with the arm sling, his outfits are never too flashy, but he always goes for something a little different. I can appreciate that. Sometimes I get the feeling that he doesn’t really like what he’s wearing, but half the attendees probably run to the bathroom at some point to loosen their corsets and cry over their outfit choices. Pedro should really be more careful walking around the house though. Stay safe, sweetheart!

Oh! Suki Waterhouse woke up that morning and decided to exude the skirt of a Christmas tree. How festive! I can appreciate a pregnant woman using her stomach to her fashion advantage rather than hiding it, but I’m not quite sure about this one. The neckline and cutouts on the side could have had a little more intrigue. And, I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean for the giant bow at the bottom of her stomach to convey that she represented the spirit of Christmas, and her baby is the crown jewel of the presents. But, that’s what I got from it. Not necessarily a bad thing! Definitely a dress. That baby is going to be gorgeous and will get into any school it wants. SELENA GOMEZ! I love to see her out in the wild. As a person, she looked gorgeous and I loved her dark makeup. However, the shape of the dress could have been more flattering and easier to move in. And, I firmly believe that any dress with see-through mesh is setting yourself up for failure. The mesh will ALWAYS make it look like a costume. Don’t be discouraged though, Selena. We love to see you. XX.

Jennifer Coolidge looked fabulous in her black lacy gown, but I’d like to see more inventive looks from her in the future. While I loved the hair, the dress was a little forgettable. But, at least her acceptance speech was anything but forgettable. I know she has the potential to freak everyone out. I need to see it. I haven’t seen the White Lotus, but I love her and it makes me so happy seeing her win awards.

Also, shoutout to the RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant who showed up in a full goblin costume! I think people should show up to award shows in insane getups like that more often. Other than the goblin, I thought the outfits were a little too safe this year. Nothing disgusted me to my core, and nothing changed my personal philosophy towards fashion. Stylists, either do better, or do worse next year. You can do it!

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