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Taylor makes me Swiftly nostalgic

Some of my earliest memories were sitting at my dining room table, watching Taylor Swift’s first music videos in absolute admiration. Thirteen years later (pun intended), I was able to admire her while watching her film “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” at my local theater.

When I say I’m a Swiftie, I don’t mean the kind of fans who scream at the tops of their lungs whenever she comes on screen. During the concert experience, girls ages 9-30 and beyond were out of their seats, dancing and singing all around the theater for the full three hour showing.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I’m in a public theater, I think that quietly singing to yourself while remaining seated would be the appropriate behavior for this type of event. I was severely humbled. Although the constant fan-girl screams were excessive and a little ridiculous, I can’t blame them. It’s Taylor Swift and this is girlhood.

Despite the shrieks and squeals, the film was incredible and not only for the performance of her iconic songs. I’m not usually an emotional person, but the moment Taylor came out on her stage I almost teared up. Not for the reason that I’m a crazy Taylor Swift loving teenage girl, but for the reason that I grew up loving her and never had the chance to see her in concert.

The competition of costs of her tickets made it almost impossible for me to get my hands on them, but seeing her perform her Eras Tour was more special than I could have ever imagined.

I’ve connected with Taylor at various points in my life and with each album she performed, nostalgic flashbacks of my childhood came back to me. I recalled when I practiced “Lover” over and over again on my ukulele, I remembered the hard times where I cried to “Marjorie”, and I reminisced about the playful (and horrible) music videos I would make with my friends to “Shake It Off”.

As I was singing alone to each album in the theater, my inner child was singing along with me.
Thank you Taylor

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