Gnome Cafe is Adorably Charming and Filling


I have to say, I’m a sucker for cute things: Cute puppies, cute decor and, especially, cute restaurants.


Gnome Cafe located at the corner of President Street and Cannon Street certainly fits that bill. Creating an adorably charming ambiance, the sun-filled cafe couples large, plant-filled window sills with water-droplet-shaped lighting. The people eating their meals create a dim background noise at a level perfect for being able to hear the person across the table from you, or to hear yourself think as you catch up on work.


Arguably more noticeable was the cafe’s obvious commitment to being environmentally friendly. Compost was available (albeit upon request), stainless steel cups were to be filled at a water bottle filling station and even coffee stirring spoons lived next to a mason jar to put dirty ones in.

The cafe is fully vegan and largely gluten-free and, while I’m neither, I am a picky eater. So, I went with their classic breakfast burrito. Full of light island flavors like lime, mango and avocado, it was perfect for a nutritious brunch.


My brother’s bagel, however, showcased a more dense, spicy palate topped with portobello “bacon.” I’m not entirely sure how he finished all of the falsely-barbecue flavored mushrooms, but, though I believe I’ll be sticking to real bacon, it was an opportunity to try out a different type of appetite.


And on top of all the great things, both of us were able to enjoy a filling, vegan meal with locally-grown tea for under $25.


While I’m not an adventurous eater, Gnome Cafe was able to take me out of my comfort zone and enjoy something different.