“I Decided” Doesn’t Disappoint

I Decided Doesnt Disappoint

Big Sean was first signed with Kanye West, which until then he had only produced mixtapes. In 2011 Big Sean came out with his first album. Since then he has come out with two more, one of which was a No. 1 Studio Album.

As they drop, each of Big Sean’s albums just gets better than the last, and “I Decided” is no different. Though it lacks a common theme through the songs, they’re still all excellent.

One of the best songs in the album is “Bounce Back.” Compared to Big Sean’s older songs, “Bounce Back” shows Sean’s attempts to be more mature. Seeing how he doesn’t make fun of someone at least once in every song, like he did in his old albums, shows that he was successful in this attempt to be more professional. On top of this, “Bounce Back” has a beat and lyric speed that just about any audience could enjoy.

However if you are one of those people (like myself) who only listens to rap music then “Sacrifices” will be more your speed, it’s faster and superior to the other tracks on the album. Talking about his past and as the title suggests the things he had to sacrifice to get there, this song takes the spot for my favorite song on the album.

I would totally recommend listening to this album whether you are already addicted to rap or if you just feel like you want to try listening to something besides your average every day pop music.

You won’t be disappointed.