“Saint Motelevision” is Superbly Spunky

Saint Motelevision is Superbly Spunky

Lauren Insinger, Staff Writer

Saint Motel’s newest album, “Saint Motelevision” released Oct. 21, was a burst of different influences.

“Saint Motelevision” is upbeat and all around masterful. It features the energetic techno beat of “Getaway” as well as “Destroyer” which was one of my favorite tracks off the album. It incorporated both a rocking guitar riff, a jazzy saxophone, and a toe-tapping drum beat.

“Born Again”, another favorite, slows down the album, but still made me come back to it. It sets itself apart from the rest of the album with it’s easygoing lyrics and piano. After this comes “For Elise”, it starts slow, but builds up with an awesome keyboard, bass, and guitar mix with fast moving vocals. The song almost sounds country and bluesy, adding to Saint Motel incorporation of different musical stylings.

However, both “Local Long Distance Relationship (LA2NY)”  and “Slow Motion” were so different from the rest of the album, and not in a good way. “Local Long Distance Relationship (LA2NY)” used too much of the techo influence that it made me always skip by it. And “Slow Motion” sounds like it should be on the Netflix television show “Stranger Things”, not this album. It is, as you could guess, slow. But, it leads well into the end of the album.

“Saint Motelevision” has a creative mix of different musical influences and introspective lyrics. I’ve listened to the album approximately 100 times, and it was stuck in my head all this past week. Terrific instrumentals, lyrics, and album.